The demise of IOT, discussing the rise and fall of the Internet Of Things

Professor Chris Hankin, Ian Smith, Tarun Samtani, James Lyne and Peter Wood [Left to Right]

Tuesday, at InfoSecEurope 2016, a panel discussed their views on Internet of Thing devices and their susceptibility to compromise. The panel, called ‘Securing the internet of things: What is the real risk for enterprise cyber security’, consisted of: Professor Chris Hankin, James Lyne, Ian Smith, Peter Wood and Tarun Samtani.

The talk opened up by asking the question “Why is IOT security important?”

[IOT is saturated with] toys or bizarre crap, Why would anyone want that? Well the crap becomes something we care about. It’s important [To security professionals] because there’s a huge [monetary] opportunity here… These aren’t black boxes, these are computers with vulnerabilities and exploits. Regulation is coming to add safety, security and privacy. Frankly it’s embracing that we can talk about buffer overflows with a smart plant pot, we’ve known about them since 1974.

The talk continued, asking an array of IOT questions, with the panel contributing an array of knowledge and experience to the discussion. For the panel’s closing question they asked themselves how soon it would be before attackers leveraged IOT to compromise companies. They closed with:

I’d like to see that in the next year. [However, it will happen] at the point where what attackers want moves to those devices.

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