Toys to Cyber Weapons, Steve Lord

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Steve Lord, pen tester and co-founder of 44CON, performed a talk at Bsides London 2016 yesterday. The talk, called ‘Naughty Toys For Wicked Girls And Boys’,  focused on electronic ‘toys’ and their relevance to cyber security weapons. Steve started his talk by discussing, what he dubed as the Internet Of Wrongs. This being an array of IOT devices that fell into the category of having few practical uses.  Steve continued his point by walking through several anecdotes that highlighted tools thathe had created that fell into a similar category, of while appearing pointless had the capability to be ‘wicked’. He stated:

These toys are cyber weapons. They are crap but they’re still weapons. I wanted to help encourage people to experiment… [By] building naughty toys for cyber security. While being responsible.

Steve concluded his talk by discussing his plans for the future. This further cementing his want for people to feel free to tinker with such ideas and inventions. He discussed how he’s been working on his ‘next toy’, a Minimalist Electronic Learner. He stated:

[It will] enable users to modify IOT hardware to do what you want it to do.

Steve will be discussing his new project further at BSides Manchester on the 18th of August this year. Are you working on any projects or ‘wicked toys’, i’d love to hear what they are below.

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