What a Cloud Guru can show you about AWS

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Yesterday at the AWS South Wales User Group Ryan Kroonenburg, Co-Founder of A Cloud Guru, performed a talk. The talk explained what the platform was as well as how A Cloud Guru use serverless technology.


Ryan discussed A Cloud Guru as being a platform that provides a ‘social online learning experience’ that already provides AWS certification training for over 50,000 students. He noted that It was built from ground up in just 20 days, using: AWS Lambda, API Gateway and a serverless architecture. The platform currently offers training in a broad range of areas, including:

  • Chef
  • iOS with AWS
  • Big data
  • Security
  • AWS for Windows administrator
  • Dynamodb
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • The beginner’s guide to Alexa

Ryan continued by analyzing the content that was brought to users of the A Cloud Guru platform. He stated:

Each training scheme can be 12 hours in length and it only costs us 10c (US Dollars) to deliver that to a user… We’re being really disruptive in the education industry.

AWS logo_4Ryan closed off his talk by mentioning that A Cloud Guru are always looking for people to join their team and create content for their platform. He promised:

  • 50% of revenue share for content on the platform.
  • A steady passive income.
  • Industry recognition.

Ryan suggested that if people were interested in creating content for the platform to email: Nicole@acloud.guru

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