How much are your eyeballs worth?

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Now I know this sounds strange, but, how much are your eyes really worth? We view websites all of the time, and for most of that someone will be paying for us to see something we otherwise wouldn’t have. Of course i’m talking about adverts and our part to play as the people who digest them. A report by eMarketer was released on ad blocking in the United States. It found that nearly 70 million people will use technology to block online ads in 2016. The question comes down to should we block adverts and if not how much are our eyeballs worth to marketers.

70 million people will use technology to block online ads in 2016.

First off should we be blocking adverts? Hacking Insider uses advertisements to support our content creation and while it would be possible to continue to create content without them it would detrimentally impact the website. It’s a tricky one, however, in an ideal world there would be no need to. Adverts would serve to support content that users are looking for and would be completely free of malicious intent. Of course coming back to earth that’s not how things work.

When we look at malware in adverts it’s obvious to see that it’s a major problem, however, it’s also clear to see that using tools such as ad blockers is only a short term remedy. This is because taking this approach isn’t stopping the malware creators at the source and instead just protects the few that are using an ad blocker at the time. Secondly it’s true that content creators should be making a conscious effort to facilitate adverts that enhance the user’s experience. A paid sponsorship or targeted ads are great examples of this.



Privacy Badger

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“Take control of your browsing experience.”
“Surf the web without annoying ads!” “Privacy Badger blocks spying ads and invisible trackers.”

Alongside using a paywall or accepting donations, using advertisements is one of the key forms in which content creators make money. That being the case how much money do marketers spend on your eyeballs hitting their adverts?

Company (Recommended) Cost per engagement  Estimated Reach (For £5 daily budget)
 Facebook  £0.72 N/A
 Twitter  £1.89  5-8 Followers/day
 YouTube £0.03 300-400 Views/day

So in short, it turns out that our individual eyeballs aren’t actually worth that much and instead it’s us as a collective that marketeers are really after.

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