Is it time to disconnected your phone and adopt the internet?

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For those of you that want an answer straight out of the gate, it’s a no. The more in depth answer however, is a maybe – one day at least. Ofcom routinely release statistics on landline and mobile phone users. At the end of 2015 Ofcom estimated that the number of 4G mobile subscriptions was at 39.5 million. Ofcom also announced that the average number of text messages per month made per phone had dropped from 139 (2013) to 107 (2015). 

At the end of 2015 Ofcom estimated that the number of 4G mobile subscriptions was at 39.5 million

Just under a week ago I set myself the challenge of surviving without my mobile phone’s sim card for a week. This would include the disuse of: texting, making phone calls and using mobile data. For someone who is quite interconnected, on an array of social media, this ended up being quite the challenge.

At first, when at home or at work, the use of WiFi made it feel as if there had been no change however the unfamiliarity would sink in when walking from place to place or while being at new areas. This uneasiness would go a step further when the need would arise for: a quick phone call would arise, ordering a take away, confirming bank information, and more. These all became immensely impracticable situations when in practice only a mobile phone had been taken out of the situation.

What does this mean? It means that society, or at least the heavily connected few of us, are not ready to remove phones out of the equation and adopt a completely internet focused approach.  While organisations are moving more and more onto the web there are still those reluctant few that ever by design, necessity or fear remain on a technology that’s best days are long in the past.

Moving Forward

monzo_logo-svgThis being the case however we are starting to see more and more companies that focus solely on the web. Companies like Monzo, a bank designed for people who live their lives on their smartphones, is a great example of this. The company, unlike regular banks, focuses almost solely on their mobile application allowing you to do a whole range of things directly from the app.

With most companies moving to the cloud and away from conventional tools, like phone calls and text messaging, how long will it be before we can leave the technology in our tracks?

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