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As each second goes by the contents of articles become more and more questionable. Reading one at 2pm and finishing at 2:05pm? What’s to say that any of it would have any significance?

During 2010 people in the UK bought almost 15 million newspapers daily. As a medium for divulging news newspapers are one of the worst for this problem. Most newspaper distributions will be working on final edits of a paper untill midnight the day before it’s release. With  most newsagents opening at 7am this means that there is a seven hour disconnect between news being written and read.

“This article is already out of date” clipping from Private Eye

Towards the start of 2016 Private Eye, a well established UK politics magazine, released an article called “This article is already out of date”. The article reads:

We, as responsible  journalists, know that we cannot compete with these events. So, we would like to invite the reader to fill in the news below, in pencil… We would like you to stare at the news you have just written down in slack-jawed horror for a few minutes before rubbing it out and starting again.

This disconnect is lessoned by online distributions, where articles can be both published and read almost instantaneously. However there is still a disconnect. With the amount of time an article takes to write and publish a whole flurry of events could have transpired.

Does this mean we should all resort back to cave paintings and give up with live news? The answer is of course no. Instead a quicker pace of news is required. We need a means of instantaneously creating and ingesting news in a matter of seconds.

This is where social media comes in – A way in which content can be created, posted and ingested in all but minutes. Back in September 2016 Brian Krebs, an independent security reporter, was able to break news live on Twitter. This being that his website; ‘’ was being subjected to a record breaking DDOS attack of over 665 Gbps. Thanks to Twitter Brian Krebs was able to share this news almost live where others were able to watch the events transpire in real time.

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