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Articles that highlight a product, detailing both its features and uses as well as what a consumer would be presented with if they bought the product.


5 ways Nyotron are breaking the mould

During Infosec Europe 2017 I sat down with Nir Gaist, CEO of Nyotron, and discussed the new Nyotron offering Paranoid. Paranoid is a security offering where instead of looking at how a malicious actor gains...


4 reasons why you should have an eye on ThreatQuotient

Earlier this month I spoke to Anthony Perridge, Regional Director at ThreatQuotient. ThreatQuotient allows for the consumption of threat intelligence from various and disparate sources. The team refereed to themselves as ‘still being in start up...


Security’s changing, are you keeping up?

How do we keep up with security, stay secure and stop data leaks? These are the question on everyone’s mind. From global organisations, to the local cafe down the road and back to even you...


Welcome to the physical web, by Scott Jenson

Today at the South Wales AWS User Group Scott Jenson, Project Lead for Physical Web for Chrome, performed a talk on what the physical web actually is. The talk opened by expressing that the term “IOT” is used...


Security when convenient isn’t security at all

As time goes on two things seem to get more and more common. Firstly being that we all require reliable access to the internet. Secondly, that we seem to be traveling more often as times gone by....